Internal Audit Tools

Being able to demonstrate that there are effective processes and systems in place to regularly monitor and evaluate your service, and the standard of care delivered, continues to be of paramount importance.

We can assist with this through providing a package of internal audit tools to use for periodically assessing practice in key areas. The internal audit tools are each related to a ‘key line of enquiry’ (KLOEs) used by CQC during inspection, and include prompts to guide the user through each audit.

These tools are designed to be used with the frequency you feel is appropriate, and the package includes planning matrixes to allow you to plot auditing frequency throughout the year in all practice areas. The tools have been designed to assist with understanding good practice, record evidence gathered during audits and outcomes, and detail whether any improvement or development is thought to be required. Each audit tool also has an action plan to record and track improvement actions.

The package is competitively priced, and has the benefit of;

  • Evidencing appropriate monitoring of the service, and demonstrating processes which reflect the requirements of Regulation 17.
  • Including a focus on the views of people who use the service and other stakeholders.
  • Allowing you to evidence what is progressing well and producing positive outcomes.
  • Allowing you to evidence aspects which require improvement and development, and action plans to show how improvement is taking place.
  • Guiding staff in appropriate practice required.